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  • You’re sick and tired of working for someone else and you’re ready to be your own boss
  • You need an extra stream of income to achieve financial freedom
  • You want to make an additional $2,000 to $12,000 per month
  • You’re ready to start a new business without the sky-high start-up costs

Owning a notary business is a rewarding, successful, and exciting way to do all of the above and more. This unique offer gives you unlimited, lifetime access to our 2-12KClub Course; a revolutionary program that gives you the tools and resources you need to not only start a rewarding business, but also set your own work hours while achieving complete financial freedom.

There Are Two Common Myths About Being a Notary…

Myth 1: People Just Notarize Their Documents at Their Local Bank

The first myth couldn’t be less true. Many people falsely believe that notaries just aren’t necessary when people can just do it themselves. The truth is that notaries are incredibly useful when it comes to notarizing important legal documents. Most bank aren’t willing to notarize wills, real estate documents, or power of attorneys – but notaries are, and that makes all the difference.

Myth 2: Notaries Only Get Paid If They Can Perform Loan Closings

It’s a common misconception that a career as a notary is only lucrative if you can close loans, but this isn’t true at all. The truth is that there’s a lot more to making money as a notary than just closing loans. You can also get paid for notarizing deeds, wills, power of attorney documents, apostilles, and so much more. There is an endless variety of documents that need to notarized as quickly and affordably as possible, and that’s where you come in.

What This Course Has Done for More Than 9000 People Just Like You

We’ve taught thousands of people how to start, grow, and maintain a business that’s given them complete financial freedom. For some, that freedom meant travelling the world, and for others it meant finally quitting that soul-crushing day job.

What would financial freedom mean to you?

Enroll in Our Course and Find Out

This 2-12kClub Includes the Following and More

  • Live Interactive Courses (Valued at $1500)
  • Live Document Review Courses (Valued at $1500)
  • Live Masters Courses (Valued at $1500)
  • Live Apostille Processing Course (Valued at $1500)
  • Live Fingerprinting Course (Valued at $1500)
  • 1-Year Monthly Group Coaching Sessions (Valued at $1500)

This incredible offer is valued at a staggering $9,000 thanks to the exceptional amount of value it adds to our customers’ lives.

For a short time only, we’re offering it at the drastically-reduced price of only $4,995. That means you get lifetime access to every single thing in our course for almost half the original price.

With the help of our course, you could make between $2,000 and $12,000 per month, so let your course start paying for itself as soon as possible.

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Check Out What Our Previous Students Had to Say:

Andre C. Hatchett

Andre C. Hatchett is an accomplished, nationally-renowned, and highly skilled entrepreneur and philanthropist. Not only does he own three successful businesses (including Priority Notary Inc., Manhattan Apostille Services Inc., and New Jersey Apostille Services Inc.) but he also has more than a decade of experience.

Hatchett has operated successful and profitable businesses for years, including the economic crash of ’08. His industry knowledge and experience are what helped him create the courses that will help you establish and grow a business that can stand the test of time. If you’re ready to learn more about how you can start your very own notary business, enroll in our course today.

What This Package Includes

The Mobile Fingerprinting Academy

This course teaches you everything you need to know about the lucrative mobile fingerprinting industry.

Live Interactive Course

Our Live Step-by-Step Interactive course gives you the skills and tools you need to supplement your income as easily and safely as possible.

Learn How to Notarize Documents

Learn how to sign and stamp with confidence thanks to these engaging and informative live sessions.

All Apostilles, All the Time!

Get an overview of the most lucrative, yet the least sought-after part of the notary industry.

Alumni Testimonials

Hear what our past students have to say about 2-12KClub.

How to Build a Successful Notary Signing Agency

Learn more about growing a dedicated team of mobile notaries who work for you.

The Master's Course Live and Archived Sessions

Get a more detailed overview of working with middlemen who work for you.

The Self-Employed Mobile Notary Public

This course gives you everything you need to know about how to set up your mobile Notary Public Business.

Document Review

Find out more about what types of documents you’ll notarize.

The Live Interactive Course September Course

Learn how to start and grow a business with only $500 in your pocket or less.

Enrollment is now open for The Live Interactive Course November!

Original Price: $8,138

Check out what our previous students have to say:

Your Instructor

Andre C Hatchett
Andre C Hatchett

Andre C. Hatchett is a nationally acclaimed entrepreneur and philanthropist. He is the owner of Priority Notary, Inc., Manhattan Apostille Services, Inc., and New Jersey Apostille Services, Inc. Hatchett has successfully operated profitable notary businesses over the past 10 years despite downturns in the economy during the financial crisis from 2007-2010. He has taken his knowledge and expertise of the industry to create a course to teach others how to live life on their terms as mobile notary public. If you would like to learn how to own, operate, and grow your own recession proof business with low start up costs, this course is perfect for you. Enroll now in The Notary Business School, Inc. if you desire to have a life of financial freedom, regardless of how the economy is doing.

Course Curriculum

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Courses Included with Purchase

The Mobile Fingerprinting Academy
Everything you need to know about the lucrative Mobile Fingerprinting Industry
Andre C Hatchett
Our Live Step by Step Interactive Course! Great For Beginners!
Andre C Hatchett
Sign and stamp with confidence! - Learn How To Notarize Documents
Live Sessions!
Andre C Hatchett
All Apostilles, All The Time!
The most lucrative, yet the least sought-after aspect of The Mobile Notary industry.
Andre C Hatchett
Alumni Testimonials!
Andre C Hatchett
How To Build a Successful Notary Signing Agency
Everything you need to know about growing a successful team of Mobile Notaries to work for you.
1 Course Bundle
Everything you need to know about growing a successful team of Mobile Notaries to work for you!
1 Course Bundle
The Self Employed Mobile Notary Public (The Self-study option for beginners)
Everything you need to know about how to set up your mobile Notary Public Business.
Andre C Hatchett
Document Review (Self-Study)
What types of documents will I notarize?
Andre C Hatchett
The Live Interactive Course November Enrollment Is Now Open!
How to start a business for $500 or less!
Andre C Hatchett

Original Price: $8,233

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